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Meet the Dogs

For most current information, you may also check our Facebook pages:  Eureka Shelter or Libby Shelter



Name: Buddy

Location: Eureka shelter
Age: 3 to 4 year old
Buddy is a 3-4 year old boy who absolutely loves people! He is still figuring out how he feels about other animals so would like to be the only pet for the time being. He loves being outside on adventures and has perfected his fetch game!



Name: Chip

Location: Eureka shelter
Age: 1 year

Chip is right around a year old but don’t tell him that he may be outgrowing the lap dog size. He is a medium/large sized mixed breed who came in as a stray and has been unclaimed, because of this we don’t have a history of how he does with kids cats or dogs.

What we do know is that this sweetheart adores interacting with people and walks very well on a leash. He seems to be house trained and will come when he’s called and knows how to sit. He loves attention and food which means that he absolutely loves training sessions and picks up on new things very quickly.



Location: Eureka

Description:  Bailey is a 5 year old Akita mix. He's a little shy but comes around quickly once he gets to know you.



Location: Eureka

Description: Milo is a 1 year old lab/ golden retriever mix



Name: Luka

Location: Eureka shelter

Luka is a 5 year old Vizsla mix who is good with dogs and people and would prefer a cat free home!



 Meet Angel - Your Energetic Companion! 
Name: Angel

Location: Eureka shelter
Breed: Husky Mix
Age: 9 months
Spayed: Yes
Angel, a spirited 9-month-old spayed female Husky mix, is eagerly seeking her forever family. With her playful disposition and boundless energy, Angel is the perfect match for an active household. She's great with kids and other dogs, making her an ideal addition to any loving home. If you're ready for endless adventures and endless love, Angel is the girl for you! 



Location: Eureka

Breed: Husky

Description: Nala is a 1-2 year old female happy girl!



Location: Eureka

Description: Henry is a 1 year old Pointer mix

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